Why I don’t and what to do if you do: An open letter to those I love about vaccination

Why I don’t
Most of my close friends will know that I’ve chosen not to vaccinate my son. I realize that many of you think that I am crazy. I know that you think that I am following this new craze, that will soon, or in your mind, is already, disproven. I don’t make rash decisions, and I made this decision after a lot of careful study and research. I rented books from the library. I bought books. I poured over articles – all for close to 7 years before my son was even born. And I made my decision based on which studies were factual, were independent, because what is a study that is funded by the company which stands to benefit from one outcome? It’s not a real scientific study by definition. I could include never-ending statistics and studies, but I’ve realized that really doesn’t touch most people’s hearts. Let me share with you my reasons, and please research for your self (again, non-biased studies) whether vaccinations are truly safe for your child and family.
I used to hide this. I was scared of what my family and friends, doctors, and others would think of me. Then, I met a girl at a breastfeeding support group I went to. She was quiet, shy. She was new. She was pregnant with her second son. Her first son had died from his two year MMR shot. Her doctor agreed, but she didn’t file a report. It finally came out what had happened to her first son, and she asked if anyone else had concerns with vaccinations. Myself and a few other ladies shook our heads. She said she was scared, because she didn’t know if she could skip vaccintions for her second son (studies show that reactions are genetic). I still think about her. I feel awful she lost her son. But, I am also mad. Mad that she could even wonder something like that. How can you have a child and not feel, above all else, that it’s your job to protect him? How could you not look into that before getting pregnant again? Why aren’t you outraged? I am outraged. Outraged that more mothers simply don’t care. They won’t question a thing their doctor says, when they can easily research the health of their child at their finger tips. Start asking questions at least, and there should be something inside you that warns you what’s clearly going on when you get no answers or  fear tactics, not evidence.
The decision for me was clear, the facts show that vaccines, as they are produced and administered in the United States today, are not safe. But, I was still unsure what I should do. That’s when I heard God say, “what are you making your decision on; who are you trusting?” I was deciding on fear, and fear is not a place to make a decision. Not for a Christian. I was trusting men, and not God. And men are not trustworthy. Who am I to tell God that what He created was faulty, that we have our own, better ideas to improve it, and they violated his clear laws.
Thus, quickly as I can, the reasons:
1. Do you believe in abortion? Well, you are injecting human aborted fetus cells into yourself when you receive 23 current vaccinations in the United States. God’s never been okay with us accepting sin when it wasn’t us who “did” it. This is no acception. On top of that, DNA from human aborted fetus cells and animal cells alter our DNA. That’s not a good thing. Wonder why there’s so many “genetic” diseases? I don’t. Knowing this, please do not call yourself a Christian and say vaccines are OK.
2. Vaccine ingredients are not proven safe, and some are not even legal. There are antibiotics in vaccinations that are not approved by the FDA (what?!), but they’re totally OK to inject into yourself. Yup. There is also mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, and other preservatives. The mercury in one vaccination is well over the amount that a human body can detox; 250 times more than what is considered toxic waste by the EPA in one flu shot. Times that by the 5 to 6 received by a child at one, time, and you have mercury poisoning. The male body has a tougher time detoxing mercury because of  higher levels of testosterone, actually 5 times more so than girls (but don’t worry – there’s no link with that and the fact that boys are 5 times more likely to acquire autism). I wonder, if I were to inject my child with ONE of any of the toxic chemicals in vaccinations alone, how fast would CPS be at my door? There has not been ONE published study that mercury is safe and does not cause autism. There is, however, 500 peer-reviewed published studies that it does. Check them out yourself on PubMed. Phh, who cares. It’s been noted that companies must include metals in the vaccinations so that they are sure that the body notes the injection as an invader, thus prompting the body to start an immune response. Um, maybe start over? Don’t add a known toxin that some people CANNOT detox, thus lodging the overload of metals in the brain, causing brain inflammation and damage (or death). Finally, there are ingredients in vaccines that are an allergy concern in some people, such as bovine serum. If you’re child is allergic to milk, and you receive this immunization and there’s a reaction – you will know your child is allergic, although that information may no longer matter. This is only listing a  few of the questionable ingredients, consider researching more.
3. The regulatory agency (CDC) which governs the current vaccinations and their schedule is completely corrupt. Employees move from the CDC and vaccine manufacturers all the time. It goes like this, “hey, Mr. CDC VP, come work for Merck after your term in the agency, and we will pay you $65 million a year to golf, just approve this new shot we made onto the vaccination schedule. You know, double it per time you get it on the schedule. Add some boosters, would ya?” And also, like this. “We will be paying the CDC roughly $8 million (a real figure) to get this shot approved. Oh, you won’t approve it? Guess we won’t be paying….Thought so.”A CDC Researcher by the name of Dr. William Thompson has admitted to fraud on the CDC’s kingpin study which they claim shows there is no connection between vaccines and autism. The admittance has been publicly stated by Bill Posey in Congress, yet no investigations have been done into the allegations. The researcher noted that thousands of documents, which were turned over to Congress and number of news outlets, were trashed showing a clear and dramatic reaction in African American boys.
Find out more here: http://healthimpactnews.com/2015/will-cdc-whistleblower-on-vaccines-testify-before-congress/
Heavy metals can cause brain damage, so can a overimmune response. Vaccinations cause both of those. Autism is brain damage. What are you missing in this equation?


Photo Credit: Pixabay

4. The schedule is corrupted. See above. Before 1989, kids received about 5 shots before 18. Now, 69. Are you kidding me? Can I just ask why children in the hospital, before even leaving, need a Hep B shot, when this disease is transferred by sexual contact? I mean, I know nurses aren’t watching the nursery 24/7, but come on…it can’t be that frisky in there?

5. Why are outbreaks increasing as the percentage of vaccinated persons is increasing? How does that prove that vaccinations work? It’s been clearly proven that recent outbreaks are caused by the vaccination strain. You are showing your lack of intelligence to say that an unvaccinated child caused such an outbreak – when the strain being spread is a strain created in a lab for a vaccine.
6. Your taxpayer dollars pay out $2 million dollars a year to vaccine-injured children. Why? Because there’s a law protecting vaccine manufacturers from being sued. You can prove that a vaccine killed your child because the manufacturer knew they made a bad batch of vaccines yet sold them anyways, but you cannot do a darn thing. But, good news, you can apply for compensation to pay for your child’s medical expenses for life since they will be a vegetable. Be sure you follow all the criteria, though, such as apply within 2 years of onset of only a certain set of symptoms which had to manifest themselves in a certain amount of time, pray your doctor will sign an acknowledgement that the vaccine caused this, and find the best lawyer you can (with what money you have left after quitting your job to take care of your child for the rest of their lives). It’s nice to note that recently epilepsy has been taken off of this list – it’s just getting too costly because too many claims are being paid out against it.
7. Short term health problems. It’s not an accident that SIDS cases are statistically more prevalent after vaccination. A perfectly healthy baby does not stop breathing. Have you read the vaccination inserts? Did you see the side effects?  Seizures, autism, death, and oh, what’s that there – SIDS? No biggies.
8. Doctors have little to no factual teaching on vaccines. They have NO idea of the health effects including the side effects. Most have not even read the package inserts. They cannot tell you what a reaction looks like because they have never been taught, nor bothered to research it.
9. Long term heath effects. Two things here. First, there is evidence that your body learns how to fight major diseases by fighting smaller ones. When your body doesn’t have that chance, a big disease comes along and your body cannot fight it. But, we don’t have any issues with major diseases these days, especially in children where now cancer is the #1 killer of children (in 1920, it was #10). Secondly, there’s a correlation between vaccination and autoimmune disorders. These disorders, which once were very rare, are now common. Autoimmune diseases are diseases where the body attacks itself, seeing itself as a foreign invader. We are creating overactive immune responses by vaccinating. Our bodies no longer can turn off the immune response, being attacked by unknown invaders (not natural diseases) so often.
10. Dosage. Is it too much work to properly dose these things per size? Can I, a 120 lb female, injest as much antibiotic as a 6 lb baby? No? Then why won’t you dose vaccines? The average vaccination event (well child visit) has enough mercury to be toxic to a 225 lb person. Don’t worry, your 7 lb babe can handle it.
11. They don’t work. Studies show a 60% efficacy, meaning they only produce immunity 60% of the time and that only lasts a few years. Secondly, you’re immunized from the lab-created sickness, not the “wild” type. 97% of vaccinated individuals are the ones getting the diseases. Some vaccines are live virus, meaning the vaccine sheds to those around you for up to 3 weeks. Many major hospitals asks that vaccinated individuals stay away after being vaccinated to keep the very ill from getting the disease. More children DIE from a disease’s vaccine per year than die from the disease. Many countries refuse vaccinations from the United States. I won’t get into why, because I can’t even handle why. OK, I will tell you a little. Some have found out we’ve (U.S. vaccine manufacturers) sent abortion agents in their vaccines. And we wonder why God won’t even look at America anymore.
12. They never really have. I love it (in a Jesus turning over the temple’s market tables kinda way) when I hear that vaccinations have saved millions. Bull. You Know What. Look at a graph of when we improved our hygeine and got indoor plumbing. That’s when diseases DROPPED. Vaccines? Developed years after. Miniscule change in disease rates.
13. Herd immunity. This is one is past the turning tables. Please research where the term actually came from (hint, NOT what you’re using it for). It refers to natural (real) immunity. Also, as one lady put it, this actually isn’t Communist China. Please refer to your Bible regarding child killing and sacrificing the few for the many.

14. My child will not give yours a disease which your child is vaccinated against, if your vaccines work. Explain your logic to me otherwise. Wait, let me engulph at least 60 drinks first so it may make sense. Also, please know any parent who has researched so much as to not vaccinate knows what the symptoms and natural remedies are for every illness around. Trust me, if they come down with the measles, they will know. Unfortunately, vaccinated children are walking around shedding the live virus received from their vaccinations for up to a month, or longer, post vaccination. If the parent does suspect illness, their doctor will brush it off and send them back to school with whatever injection they just had. They also could be asymptomatic – having the full disease and not showing symptoms – which is dangerous to all the kids with whom they’re around – and your child. We see asymptomatic measles often now, which is from the vaccine. This disease is much, much more dangerous than wild measles. So, thanks for that pharma.

Let me get one thing straight. I am not anti-vaccine. I am pro-vaccine safety and medical choice. And this mom does not understand why that’s so much to ask.

What to do if you do
So, you’re still going to do it, here’s what you should know/and do when you vaccinate:
1. ASK for and READ the labels. Your vaccinations come in a package. It’s yours. Do you buy a toy, but WalMart rips it out of the package and refuses to give it to you? No, you get it packaged. Take the package. Read it. Read the ingredients. Most importantly, read the reactions. You MUST know what to watch for if your child does have a reaction. I hate to break it to you, but your nurse or doctor has never, ever read it; and they will not be able to diagnose a reaction, possibly saving your child’s life or function.
2. Log any reaction out of the ordinary 2-4 weeks after vaccination. Anything, spit up, diarrhea, and especially any rashes (allergic reaction) or fevers (brain inflammation from metal overload). If your baby has a high fever (over 103.5) in the two weeks following vaccination, DO NOT give them any medication to reduce the fever, get them to the emergency room. A high fever with any sort of seizure (either typical seizing or “going blank”) is a tell tale sign of brain inflammation from toxic overload or allergic reaction. If this happens, get to the ER and start looking for a doctor who knows what detoxing heavy metals entails, called chelation therapy. If you’re noticing something subtle, start reading the ingredients in labels where the symptoms occur, there could be an allergy which you do not know.
Vaccine reaction rates are documented in the inserts and literature up to 14 days. Why? Because the majority of reactions are actually on days 15-16. The literature and reaction rates quoted do not include post 14 days. Unfortunately, serious (life-threatening) reactions occur 15-28 days post vaccination. These are the days I would keep one eye open.
3. DETOX. Google different ways to detox. The easiest way to do so is give your child Epsom baths (sold at WalMart in the bath/hygeine aisle for $2-5) at least 3-4 times per week after each vaccination event, possibly with some essential oils. Do this every time your child receives a vaccination.
4. For the love of all that’s holy, jump out of a plane with no parachute before you get ANY vaccination when pregnant. Do.not.do.it. Not one vaccination has been tested during pregnancy, and the packaging will tell you that.
5. Space them out. Space out the vaccinations, one per two months at least, to allow your child to detox from the heavy metals and to fight the disease injected. They’re then less likely to have a heavy metal reaction.
 6. Do not give your child vaccines when they are sick, during seasonal changes when the immune system is down, or when they are teething or recently have lost a tooth. A poor functioning immune system cannot detox the vaccine ingredients. When children are teething, there is an open connection to the bloodstream and the brain.
7. Monitor your babe after. I would purchase a baby breathing monitor, like this one: https://monbaby.com/, and use it for at least 4-6 weeks after every vaccination, especially DTaP.

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