Dear Pres. Trump, We Will Be Holding You to It.



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We are shocked, but you did it. We did it.

We shared your speeches.

We backed you up when your PC-ness was shoddy at best.

We were one issue voters.

Some of us crossed party lines. 

We voted for you and rallied our families and friends to do the same.

We stuck by you, now it’s time to stick by us.

We have read about your discussion with Dr. Wakefield, we’ve seen you questioning vaccines on a live debate, and we’ve read your tweets.

You ran on the platform that you would call out the corruption and get the pharma-bought cronies out of our government. 

So, here is what we want to see:

  • Frank DeStephano should be prosecuted for withholding and hiding data that showed a correlation of autism to vaccines.
  • Congress must subpoena Bill Thompson as Congressman Posey has called for months ago.
  • An independent study of ALL vaccines on the current CDC schedule.
  • Real studies on the links between autism and vaccines.
  • An independent study on the health of vaccinated versus vaccine free children.
  • Remove ALL trace amounts of heavy metals from vaccines.
  • We would like to see some real personal belief, religious and medical exemptions for every state. Yes, even California.
  • We must see the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, Court and Act repealed immediately.


We like you, we really do. We are so very happy you won. And any of us would be so excited to fly out and give you the 411 on vaccines. We have worked tirelessly against state and federal government mandates and unconstitutional laws.

The state of medical freedom and success in the United States is laughable, and the rampant corruption of pharmaceutical companies is to blame. 

Time to clean house, Trump. We’re with you.


Vegan Lentil Sloppy Joe’s

There are some things that are just comfort food. Sloppy Joe’s is one. You can make this a vegan dish with all the sloppy, none of the Joe-beer-belly ground beef.

First, soak your green lentils (1 cup) for 24 hours.


Then, cook your lentils with two cups of filtered water or veggie broth for 15-20 minutes, until tender.

Then, add:

The lazy way:

  • Throw on 3/4 cup of organic BBQ sauce and call it a day.

The fancy, I-have-an-extra-5-minutes way:

  • Saute chopped onions and garlic, then add 1 small can of tomato paste. Add 1 teaspoon of honey or molasses, and a dash of salt, 1/8 tsp of cumin, 1/2 tsp of garlic powder, 1/8 tsp of nutmeg (because Swedes add nutmeg to every should-be beef dish). Mix in with your lentils.


Serve on any roll or bread you’d like.


What I Would Do the Day After I Was Diagnosed with Cancer

In 2013, there were over 14 million Americans diagnosed with cancer. Estimated 5 year survival rate across the board is about 60% [source].

Let’s be honest. Cancer is a problem, a real problem. About one third of us will face it in our own bodies at some point, and every single one of us in the developed world will see a loved one (or more) die of it.

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So, let’s talk about what cancer is. Cancer is the normal dividing  process of your cells. That’s it. In those who develop cancerous tumors or find large clusters of cancer in a system or organ, the cancer cells have simply gotten out of control.

Everyone has cancer.

That fact is both terrifying and empowering.

Chemotherapy was derived from the mustard gas they used to exterminate people in the Holocaust concentration camps (a number of the gentlemen who were found guilty in the Nuremberg trials served 7 years in prison, and were then moved to the U.S. where one was named the CEO of Bayer). Make no mistake, the stuff is poison.

Like an antibiotic, when you use chemo, it kills all your cells, not just the cancerous ones. When you use an antibiotic, it kills all your bacteria, the good and the bad. That’s great for that infection, but the next time you have a bacterial infection, the antibiotic does not work as well, the bad bacteria has become resistant, and your good bacteria is decimated, making for more bacterial infections and long term illness. The same is with chemo. It may zap some of the cancer cells, but the cells just proliferate in another in your body, even stronger this time.

Don’t be discouraged. Alternative cancer treatments are out there and they are working. That is just hidden by the U.S. government. In fact, it’s illegal for any doctor to prescribe any other method of cancer treatment outside of chemotherapy and radiation, no matter how bleak the outcomes are for that treatment.

So, the first thing you need to do is get OUT of the doctor’s office. Find a natural practitioner. Find a cancer treatment center in ANOTHER country, because you simply cannot find one in this country. If you cannot afford to travel or the cost of these centers, that’s also fine. You can heal your cancer right at home by yourself. 

You don’t need to “heal” cancer. Cancer is a natural part of your body’s processes. You need to heal WHAT made your cancer get out of control. Your lifestyle, eating habits, and environment have led to a poor functioning immune system that let the cancer get out of control.
The only way to heal the overgrowth of cancer is to fix what is ailing your immune system to allow it to rid the body of the cancerous cells and tumors. 

I can’t tell you what to do, but I can tell you what I would do if I, or my child, spouse or parent, was diagnosed with cancer.

What I Would Do the Day After I Was Diagnosed with Cancer

  • I would throw out all packaged food, and buy 100% organic fruits and vegetables. I would juice organic fruits and vegetables around the clock for the first two months post diagnosis.
  • I would buy filtered water, or buy a water filtration system, like a Berkey, and drink about 100 ounces of water per day.
  • I would take all CFL light bulbs out of my house. I would get cabled internet, and turn off my WiFi. I would turn off my phone and keep away from me when not in use.
  • I would sleep 10-12 hours per day.
  • I would rebound, dry brush my skin, and give myself lymph massages daily.
  • Toss out all prescriptions and skip vaccines (for good).
  • I would swap out all air fresheners and candles with beeswax candles and essential oil sprays.
  • Throw away and discontinue use of 100% of your hygiene products, . After a few months when you realize healing, you can bring back in natural oils, soaps, baking soda and vinegar for home and body cleaning.
  • I would sip on warm, filtered water teas throughout the day. The herbs would include fresh, raw cuts of ginger, astralagus, clove, garlic and cayenne pepper.

If it was aggressive:

I would purchased a one way ticket to Mexico and check myself into Oasis of Hope treatment center or Gerson Institute, depending on the type of cancer.

Cancer is treatable, just not in a medical doctor’s office in the United States. Research for yourself the effects of chemo and radiation, and learn what natural alternatives you have to live a long, low cancer life.


The Truth About Cancer – documentary and web site dedicated to spreading the truth about cancer and real, lifelong treatments.

Gerson Therapy – successful juicing therapy for cancer treatment.

We Are Doing This for You.

I know you are sick of my posts. And, I know you may have unfollowed me or even unfriended me. You may think differently of me or even treat me differently in person.

I may be your only friend who shares about natural health and vaccine dangers. I might be the only person you know who does not vaccinate (but trust me, my Facebook is full of those who don’t).

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You may think that I share all the information, the videos, the studies, and the witty memes because I need to prove that my strange way of life and choices have merit. Wrong.

We are solid in our choice. Our children are healthy and vaccine-free, or are healing from their vaccine injury. We have read every study, searched the EPA, FDA, and CDC web sites, cut data on the VAERS database, watched documentary after documentary, read historical data from centuries past on infectious diseases, and seen the consequences of our choices, good or bad.

We’ve also heard the other side of the coin. The constant ear infections, respiratory illnesses, endless eczema, allergies and asthma, and questionable SIDS diagnosis.

So, we are not posting and sharing to build confidence in our choice nor are we still researching to make a decision. We are sharing for you. You who unfollow, roll your eyes, and still refuse to do one Google search of FDA-safe ingredient levels. You, who shun us at family parties and poke fun of our schooling status, yet pull out your child’s inhaler when Santa rolls in.

We still care, no matter how many unkind words or how much trolling we receive.

Because we are moms, too. We know the pain of seeing a child, our child, your child, sick. And we can’t keep quiet knowing we can help you.

What is more important to a mother than the health of her child? Maybe their spiritual or emotional health, but those things cannot be established without physical health.

So if you wonder why we share the study, the video, the book again and again, know we are seeing the results. We have seen the results in our healthy, vaccine-free children. We see the results everyday in the eyes of our severely vaccine-injured children. We see the parents who have messaged us after changing their minds on vaccines. We see the results of parents who did not read the study, but called us from the ER with no doctor who will help.

We will keep sharing, keep posting and keep shouting: Vaccines are NOT safe. Not the ingredients, not the viruses and bacteria, not the tall tale of herd immunity, and not the lack of oversight by your tax-funded governmental agencies. We will keep at it until you research and until your children are healthy, too.

We are not doing this for ourselves, nor our kids, but for you.


Natural Recovery after An Accident or Difficult Event

After any traumatic event, such as a bad news, a difficult diagnosis, or an accident, your emotions are not the only thing that needs to recover.
I was recently in a (minor) car accident, and want to share what I am doing to be able to bounce back. High amounts of adrenaline run through your body for extended periods, which can wear down your immune system. Of course, if you were seriously injured, try to rest, and if you can, regardless of injury, try to take 2-3 days of complete rest to allow you to emotionally and physically heal completely.


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#1 Get to the chiropractor (after you are sure there are no broken bones or punctured organs). If they offer massage, all the better.

#2 Sip alkaline or distilled water. Be sure to keep hydrated with room-temperature water, which will also help your body regulate temperature. Avoid coffee, caffeinated teas, or any other beverages that will zap your crucial energy.

#3 Take anti-inflammatories. You are bound to have some soreness and inflammation. Don’t let it get you down. Load up on raw or teas of turmeric, garlic, cinnamon, and ginger.

#4 Take high-dose vitamin C. High-dose vitamin C helps cut inflammation and speed healing. Liposomal vitamin C is best digested, however, it’s difficult to get the amount needed to heal from liposomal C, consider also adding ascorbate vitamin C, (not ascorbic acid).

#5 Keep the blood moving. Take light walks if you can, take hot and cold showers (1-2 minutes of hot-as-you-can-stand water, followed by 1-2 minutes of cold-as-you-can-stand water, repeated 1-2 times), exfoliate, massage, just make sure that your blood is flowing as you rest. This delivers healing to the body and will help soothe the soreness.

#6 Rest a. lot. The best way to detox the body is to let it rest from activity, work, and digestion. Try to limit these as much as possible the days following your event.

#7 Eat minimally, organic, and raw. Your body is using all its energy to heal, so eating a high-fat or protein meal will take that energy away from healing for 10-12 hours. Choose small meals of organic raw fruits or vegetables. A warm bone broth or a teaspoon of warm honey are acceptable, however.

Happy healing!

Edible Weeds: Purslane

You may not look out at your yard and think, “look at all this food!” But you should.

There are a bunch of edible weeds growing in your yard, which can greatly benefit your health for free (if you don’t use chemical pesticides!). Teaching your children how to use these plants for healing and eating is fun and educational.

So let’s start with one of the yummiest, purslane.


Purslane has long been considered a food in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Today, we see it growing in our yards, possibly on our sidewalks, and feel the need to eradicate it. That’s fine, just move it into your kitchen 🙂

Health benefits of purslane:

  • Six more times the vitamin E as spinach
  • More betacarotene than carrots (like, seven times more)
  • High in alpha-linoleic acid (ALA)
  • Loads of riboflavin, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium
  • High in Vitamin C
  • High in omega 3 fatty acids

How to eat purslane:

  • Dry and use as a tea
  • Chop and blend with olive oil for a pesto
  • Chop roughly and grill or saute with zucchini
  • Make a salsa or bruschetta with tomatoes, onions, herbs and purslane
  • Make a vegan, power-packed taco, with grilled (or raw) purslane, zucchini, chopped almonds, and some raw cheese, covered in salsa.

How To Have {Natural} Summer Fun

“But everything causes cancer?! Might as well have fun!”

I hear this daily. No, not everything causes cancer. No natural, God-made thing causes cancer. What you are correctly noticing is that so much is tainted in our world, and thus, causes disease. This is true, but it’s no reason to throw in the towel and let the pesticides on your fruits and cereal and aborted fetal tissue in your Pepsi and MMR overtake you. It’s no reason to let laziness take over and not resolve to make lifestyle changes. Your family, your children, and you deserve better.


Photo Credit: Pixabay

So let’s keep trying, keep researching, and keep seeking to keep ourselves pure, shall we?

You do not have to build a bungalow in the hills to live a natural lifestyle, though this may be an easy way to quickly ditch the toxins of life. Choosing natural medicine and hygiene products, natural food, and simple living and home practices can step by step make your  life more natural and healthy (and simpler and cheaper!), and less likely to be overcome by modern disease.

I know we love summer, and want to have fun out in the sun. But, I fear we have traded our love for events and plans for common sense. When I suggest limiting sun exposure for those who are extremely sensitive, I often hear, “but then I can’t wear my tiny bikini on the beach for hours?” Um, no. Maybe just for 30 minutes at first, you will survive. When I suggest to skip out on after-dark plans for kids  to avoid mosquitoes (what else do they need to do in the dark other than a bonfire, which would keep away the bugs anyways?), we are concerned they may miss out on…what exactly? Maybe we are so unhealthy because we no longer prioritize health and balance.

I am not saying you should skip out on all the fun, rather, balance your fun and plan ahead to make your summer fun healthy.

Sun Exposure & Block

My son has never used sunscreen, and never burns. I have always used it, and I (used to) burn like crazy. Even though my son has lighter skin than me, his healthy diet and antibiotic free lifestyle has prevented him from burning, along with sun safe common sense.

I know that some are more sensitive to sun exposure than others, so be realistic as to how much sun you can be in. If you will be out in the sun hours, wear covering clothing, or bring along an umbrella, hat, or plan a shady spot. Plan a snack break (bring your own snacks!), so sun time is broken up.

Your best bet for sun exposure is to limit it, and cover up. Invest in a swimming shirt for your littles, and cotton long sleeves and pants as well. Of course, as you get used to the exposure, you will no longer need to limit yourself (both over the summer, and over the years).

Not all commercial sun block does not block the damaging rays of the sun (UVA), but rather only the good ones (UVB) which deliver vitamin D to your body. Interestingly, adequate vitamin D levels prevents cancer. It is also loaded with cancer-causing toxins, which you are rubbing into your largest immune organ. Mmm. 

Most don’t realize that a sun burn is an inflammatory response. If your diet and lifestyle is anti-inflammatory, you will not have such a reaction. Up the fruits and vegetables, and limit the inflammatory foods – processed grains, sugars and dairy. You can also take an antioxidant called astaxanthin, which helps many avoid sun burn. Read more on this in the Resources section below.

Opt for natural sunblock which is purchasable at most natural health food stores. If going into a chlorinated pool, cover your skin head to toe in coconut oil after showering. This will help your skin absorb less chlorine.

Opt for outdoor rather than indoor pools, where the chemicals are concentrated with nowhere to vent.

Insect Repellent

Whenever I hear the word DEET, I am reminded of all that fun a few decades ago when the EPA said DDT was safe, then later found to be neurotoxic and banned. Indeed, DEET has been found to be a neurotoxin, and even caused seizures and death. Toss the bug spray,and consider wearing long sleeves and pants if out in the dark, especially in light colors.

  • Eat antiviral foods, like garlic, and antiviral supplements, like olive leaf extract, lysine, and oil of oregano.
  • Use an essential oil bug spray, containing lemongrass and citronella.
  • Keep your kids indoors after dark, or around a bonfire if you are out.


If you use any pesticide on your lawn or garden, your child is likely exposed to it, as well. Consider getting rid of any pesticides on your lawn. It’s okay to have some crab grass and dandelions. Actually, the majority of your weeds having healing properties, so learn about them and what you can use them for (and teach your kids!). Go barefoot and balance your energy, while promoting health.

You do not need to fear the sun, mosquitoes, nor the latest public health scare (cough*Zika*cough). Plan ahead, and have a healthy summer!


Learn more about Astaxanthin:

Sun block: